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Microcontroller unlock

The best IC crack services excel in the intricate processes of integrated circuit (IC) fabrication and assembly. These services employ cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled professionals to carefully extract, analyze, and decode the information stored within integrated circuits.

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PCB Assembly

As a leading, we specialize in delivering top-notch, affordable, and rapid PCB board products, offering a comprehensive range of services such as PCB manufacturing, electronics assembly, component sourcing, Box build assembly, and PCBA testing. Whether you’re embarking…

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PCB Clone

PCB clone services are an essential part of this, as they involve replicating the circuitry and design of a printed circuit board (PCB) based on the extracted information. The fabrication and assembly of cloned PCBs demand precision and expertise to ensure the replicated board functions..

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PCB Design

PCB design involves creating a layout that optimally places and routes these components to ensure efficient functionality. The expertise of top-notch IC crack services extends beyond mere fabrication, encompassing the intricate design and assembly phases.

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PCB Manufacture

The process of creating integrated circuits (ICs) involves intricate steps such as fabrication and assembly, with a crucial component being Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacture. PCBs serve as the foundation for electronic devices, providing a platform…

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PCB Repair

Best IC crack services focus on unlocking or accessing integrated circuits for various purposes. Fabrication and assembly refer to the creation and putting together of the circuit board components. PPCB (Printed Circuit Board) repair is an essential part..

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Welcome to IC Crack, where excellence meets innovation in electronic design and development. As a leading company in the field, Circuit Engineering Co., Ltd. stands out as the global leader in IC Program Clone, MCU Memory Crack, and Microcontroller Flash Unlock services. Our dedicated teams of engineers and professionals possess extensive experience in diverse electronic sectors, ranging from Consumer Electronics to Industrial Automation and Wireless Communication. In today’s rapidly advancing circuit board landscape, having reliable specialists available at your fingertips is crucial. We offer unparalleled expertise and support to meet your electronic needs promptly. For more information, reach out to us via email.
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As pioneers in IC crack services fabrication and assembly, our commitment to excellence is not just about cutting-edge technology but also about the satisfaction and joy we bring to those we serve.

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We firmly believe that every problem in fabrication and assembly possesses a solution waiting to be discovered. Our dedicated team specializes in unraveling challenges related to integrated circuit cracking, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for two and four-line applications.
Our mission is to excel in unlocking the potential of technology. We specialize in cracking IC codes, crafting cutting-edge circuits, and expertly assembling components.

  • Document the short and long-term goals.
  • Your product vision
Our vision is to be the forefront innovator in IC crack services, fabrication, and assembly. We strive to seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with precision craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality in every product.

  • Document the short and long-term goals.
  • Your product vision
Our core values center around integrity, innovation, and excellence in providing IC crack services, fabrication, and assembly. We believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity in all our operations, ensuring trust and transparency with our clients.

  • Document the short and long-term goals.
  • Your product vision

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We prioritize customer satisfaction and understand the importance of your devices. With us, you can trust that your ICs will be handled with the utmost expertise, minimizing the risk of damage.
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  • Recover MCU 80% 80%
  • Microcontroller Reverse 90% 90%
  • Microcontroller Reverse Engineering 75% 75%

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